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  • Case Study: How the Engineers of SMD Found a Way to Process Millions of Database Records Faster with dbForge Studio for MySQL
    Here comes the success story of Specialized Media Dashboard, a project that comprises an open-source media monitoring system. The specialized media in question encompasses the spheres of journalism, law enforcement, and climate change. The post Case Study: How the Engineers of SMD Found a Way to Process Millions of Database Records Faster with dbForge Studio for MySQL appeared first on Devart Blog.

  • Where to find official MySQL container images ?
    Find the official MySQL container image in the Oracle Container Registry

  • Where to find official MySQL container images ?
    If you are deploying MySQL on containers, one of the first tasks is to find the right image. There’s a certain amount of confusion, especially when we’re trying to help someone who’s having problems with their deployment. For example, when people say I’m using the official docker image… what does that really mean? Docker Hub, provides their official image (, but this is not the official MySQL image that we, the MySQL Team at Oracle, support. Before the mess with Docker Hub ([1], [2], [3]), the real official images for MySQL were also available here: Has you can see, there is no update and the last available one is 8.0.32 from January 2023. So if you are looking for the latest official, supported, versions of MySQL, including Innovation Releases, you can find them in the Oracle Container Registry: And the registry contains all the recent versions including images for ARM: The Oracle Container Registry includes container images for all Oracle products like Java, Oracle Linux and MySQL. If you are looking for a MySQL container image, you know where to find it. Enjoy deploying MySQL in containers !

  • Integrating DB Migrations Into Your MySQL Tests
    By integrating MySQL database migrations into your testing process, you can not only ensure your testing database is up to date with the most recent changes, but you can also test that the migrations themselves are performing as expected. In this post we will walk you though how to incorporate migrations with Knex and run those migrations on your test database being run in Testcontainers.

  • Automated Workload-Aware Data Loading and Unloading for MySQL HeatWave
    We now added a new automated capability (AutoLoad) to MySQL Autopilot – Auto Load & Auto Unload which continuously monitors workload run in MySQL and use machine learning model to predict the queries that can offload to HeatWave for query acceleration. Based on the list of queries, the new AutoLoad dynamically loads or unloads tables to HeatWave cluster.